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      企業使*:發展民族品牌 創建*企業 追求*品質 服務人類生活




      Corporate Mission: Developing National Brands, Creating a World Business, Pursing Excellence, Serving Human Life

      Corporate purpose: to serve customers wholeheartedly

      With the maturation of the economic development and waterproof coating market in the mainland and the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, Guangzhou Jiadi Industrial Co., Ltd. has conducted in-depth investigations and thorough preparations for the Chinese mainland market and has in-depth cooperation with Taiyuan Jiadi Coating Co., Ltd. With the introduction of leading professional waterproof technology and imported raw materials, the company will fully implement the entire process of production and sales.

      Jiadi waterproof strives to be the forerunner of high-grade waterproof coatings and environmental protection coatings in China. It upholds excellent corporate culture and adheres to the business philosophy of environmental protection, science, pragmatism, and refinement. It always adheres to the forefront of the international advanced waterproofing industry and always pursues internationalization. , standardized management, integrity-based, high-quality products, professional technical support and warm and thoughtful permanent after-sales service back to the community, to achieve brand management, cherished to build the first brand of China's waterproof industry, build a century-long enterprise.

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      The engineering case


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